Index of the Naturalis Historia.

Lugduni, ex officina Godefridi et Marcelli Beringorum fratum, 1548.

This tool offers a comprehensive and up-to-date scientific bibliography on Pliny the Elder and his work in all research areas.

Each record includes the bibliographical reference, a brief description of the contents, and, if available, the links to the online version of the contribution and to the reviews.
However, the most interesting aspect of this bibliography is that the records are searchable, as is each entry (Author, Title, Content, Tags, etc.). The tags, which help to point out keywords for each record, allow the user to search throughout the bibliography to obtain a list of all contributions written on a specific topic.


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Learning more about Pliny’s Bibliography

Bibliography focused on Pliny the Elder and his works

Pliny’s bibliography is a very wide world. Since he deals with many different topics, from geography to history, from botany to medicine, from art to metals, he is often quoted and studied in contributions which are not specifically dedicated to his works, but which deal with other topics. In this section, you can find all the bibliography focusing on Pliny the Elder and his works. This could be useful if you need to carry out a quick search through the main contributions on a topic.


Alessandro Poggio

Editions of the Natural History

Here you can find a collection of all the editions of the Naturalis Historia from the Reinassance onwards.


Selected Bibliography

If you are not familiar with Pliny’s bibliography, at first you may find it quite hard to sift through the massive quantity of contributions dedicated to this author and his literary activity. This section can help you! This is a selection of the main studies dedicated to the Naturalis Historia and, in particular, to the art books (33-37).


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