Pliny and his work

This section intends to offer some contributes by different scholars on Pliny the Elder and his work, which help to contextualise the author and his literary activity in the historical, political, social, literary and cultural context of the 1st century A.D.

It is also dedicated to Pliny’s inheritance in the following centuries, up to the modern times.

Alessandro Poggio

Pliny the Elder: an intellectual of his time

This section is dedicated to the figure of Pliny the Elder as author and intellectual of his time.


The Naturalis Historia

The discussion will focus on aims, structure and redaction of the Naturalis Historia, in particular the specificity of the books of art and their relationship with the entire work.


Pliny’s fortune 

The Naturalis Historia has had a wide reception from the Late Antiquity to the Modern Age in many fields such as art, art history, botany, medicine, geography. Its utility and richness of information was the reason of its survival and fortune. This section offers some insights on the impact that this work had and still continues to have on different societies and times.