Let’s learn Latin with Pliny!

SALVETE OMNES! This series of short video lessons in spoken Latin by Irene Regini will focus on famous passages and idioms from Pliny the Elder’s Naturalis Historia or on Pliny’s life, providing a reading of the text.

A selection of images, chosen and commented by two collaborators of the OltrePlinio project, Francesca D’Andrea and Eva Falaschi, will lead you to better understand Pliny’s text and discover famous or less known aspects of Greek and Roman art and culture

If you are interested in learning about other Latin authors, obviously in spoken Latin, visit the Satura Lanx channel!


From now on, let’s speak Latin! Curate ut valeatis

De calce malthaque – Plin. NH 36.57-58 (180-181)

“Calcis et in medicina magnus usus. […] Aceto et rosaceo mixta atque inlita, mox cera ac rosaceo temperata perducit ad cicatricem.”

Pompeii, House of Siricus.
Wounded Aeneas and the doctor Japix

Calcarienses erant qui calcem faciebant

Votive inscription of an association of calcarienses.
Rome, 3rd century AD.

“Maltha e calce fit recenti.”

Mosaic, central panel with two bricklayers producing mortar.
Tunis, 4th century AD.