Imaging Menander from the Byzantine Age to the 20th century

Author: Eva Falaschi

In: Archeologia Classica 72, n.s. II, 11 (2021)

Publisher: Roma: L’Erma di Bretschneider

Pages: 515-545

DOI: 10.48255/J.ArchCl.LXXII.2021.17

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Description: No less than art and literature themselves, archaeological and philological studies have had a great impact in determining the images of ancient writers through time, also influencing each other. In this perspective, the reception of Menander from the Byzantine period to the 20th century represents a significant case study. This contribution intends to focus on this time span in order to enlighten the reciprocal influence between the reading (or loss) of Menander’s comedies and the physical (sometimes imagined) portrait of the poet.
Keywords: Menander, comic poet, portrait, reception, Byzantine age, Renaissance, 20th century