Looking at the Bronze of Lost Sculptures. The Reception of the Delphic Monument of the Admirals in the Imperial Age

Authors: Eva Falaschi

In: Artistry in Bronze. The Greeks and their Legacy. XIXth International Congress on Ancient Bronzes

Edited by: J.M. Daehner – K. Lapatin – A. Spinelli
Publisher: Los Angeles: Getty Trust Publications, 2017
Pages: 94-97

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DescriptionThe paper focuses on Plutarch’s interpretation of the Monument of the Admirals in Delphi and attempts to explain if and how the material (in particular the blue patina of bronze), the state of preservation of the statues, and their style influenced Plutarch’s perception and led him to attribute peculiar meanings and values to the group. It investigates also how these issues intertwined with the philosophical, religious, and historical reflections that are part of his discussion of the monument.
Keywords: Plutarch, Monument of the Admirals, Bronze, statuary, Ancient Greek art, Archaeology and Art history, Delphi