Restaging Greek Artworks in Roman Times, with an afterword by C.H. Hallett


Editors: Gianfranco Adornato – Irene Bald Romano – Gabriella Cirucci – Alessandro Poggio
Publisher: Milano: LED, 2018
Series: Archeologia e Arte Antica
ISBN: 978-88-7916-832-8
Pages: pp. 300
Format: 21 x 29,7 cm
Price: € 72,00

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Description: This volume offers a collection of essays dealing with the material and immaterial (metaphorical) reuse of Greek art in Roman times from various perspectives. Originating from the fruitful exchange and collaboration among the research teams hosted at the Laboratorio di Storia Archaeologia Epigrafia e Tradizione dell’Antico and further encouraged by the lively atmosphere of the seminar of Classical Archaeology at the Scuola Normale Superiore, this book project was spurred by the productive discussion and positive feedback received during the relevant dissemination activities in national and international venues. The first part of this book developed from the international conference Athena Nike della Fondazione Sorgente Group: un originale greco a Roma, held at the Scuola Normale Superiore in April 2014. The second part resulted from the session “Nobilia opera? Re-staging Greek Artworks in Roman Contexts: New Approaches and Perspectives” presented at the 25th Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference, held in Leicester in March 2015. The common thread of the volume is the reuse of Greek artworks in Roman times from an object-oriented and cultural-historical perspective, taking into account the “history” or “biography” of the artworks as a whole. The metaphor of “restaging” highlights the interest in the transformation of artworks and their contexts over time and space.
Keywords: Greek Art, Roman Art, Roman Topography, Biography of objects, Reuse, Athena of Fondazione Sorgente Group