Pliny the Elder: An Intellectual of His Time

This section intends to offer some contributes by different scholars on Pliny the Elder and his work, which help to contextualise the author and his literary activity in the historical, political, social, literary and cultural context of the 1st century A.D.

Roman Forum “à l’ancienne”

Art History in the expressive and symbolic system of the Naturalis Historia

Sandra Citroni Marchetti

This paper proposes an interpretation of Pliny’s Natural History as a product of Roman culture and literature, by underlining Pliny’s debts and dialogue with other authors, such as Cicero. It also demonstrate how Pliny’s art historical knowledge is so deep that appears even in passages not dedicated to art and metals and constitutes a part of his forma mentis.

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Mosaic from the Casa del Fauno, Pompeii

Latin sayings and idioms in Pliny’s Naturalis Historia 
By Irene Regini, with a selection of images by Francesca D’Andrea and Eva Falaschi

From a collaboration between OltrePlinio and Satura Lanx a new tool arrived to understand Pliny’s Naturalis Historia. This series of short video lessons in spoken Latin intends to cover different aspects of Pliny’s life and work. Contents will focus on famous passages, sayings and idioms that are found in the Naturalis Historia and providing a reading of the text. These resources address whoever, at any level, desires to approach the author and his work by the means of Latin language and ancient art.

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